IOU Billing is a medical billing company that helps behavioral health companies and residential treatment facilities manage their insurance billing. We offer a quick and efficient process that ensures your patients can get care as soon as possible and that you get paid.

Our insurance billing process includes:

  • Claim submission: We submit insurance billings weekly to speed up payments.
  • Claim follow-up: We follow-up on all unpaid claims to ensure they are processed promptly.
  • Denial management: We identify and correct issues that cause claims to be denied, and we appeal unfounded denials.
  • Legal action on “dead claims”: If all other avenues have been exhausted, we will turn denied claims over to our legal team for further action.

Why work with IOU Billing?

  • Save time and money: We handle all aspects of insurance billing, so you can focus on your patients.
  • Reduce claim denials: Our team of experts is familiar with the latest insurance rules and regulations, so we can help you avoid costly claim rejections.
  • Improve patient satisfaction: By verifying benefits upfront and following up on claims promptly, we can help you avoid surprises for your patients at the time of service.

Contact IOU Billing today to learn more about our insurance billing services.