Utilization management (UM) is an essential part of medical and rehabilitation billing. It ensures that patients receive the appropriate care and that resources are used efficiently. IOU Billing offers UM services to help you save money, improve patient satisfaction, and avoid insurance claim denials.

Benefits of using IOU Billing for utilization management:

  • Save money: We help you avoid unnecessary costs by ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate and cost-effective care.
  • Improve patient satisfaction: We work with you to develop and implement UM policies that are fair and patient-centered.
  • Avoid insurance claim denials: We have a team of experts who are familiar with the latest insurance rules and regulations, so we can help you avoid costly claim rejections.

How we can help you manage utilization:

  • Negotiate with case workers: We have experience negotiating with case workers to maximize the number of authorized days at the highest level of care.
  • Help patients access available treatments: We work with patients to help them gain access to available and medically necessary treatments.
  • Provide the most current medical criteria: We have extensive knowledge of the behavioral health industry and the criteria and guidelines that are required for proper UM.
  • Advocate for patients and your facility: We use our knowledge and relationships with managed care companies to advocate on behalf of patients and your facility for access to life-changing behavioral health services.

You are in charge: You are in charge when it comes to UM. We can help you implement your own procedures or develop new ones. We are fully committed to helping your company and facility succeed.

Contact IOU Billing today to learn more about our utilization management services.